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電磁學 (蔡秀芬 教授)



(1)Vector Analysis(向量分析)
(2)Electrostatics (靜電學)
(3)Special Techniques in Solving Electrostatic Problems (解決靜電場問題的特殊技巧)
(4)Electric Fields in Matter (介電材料中的電場)
(6)Magnetic Fields in Magnetic Materials (磁性材料中的磁場)
(7)Electrodynamics (電動學)
(8)Electromagnetic Wave (電磁波)
(9)Potential and Fields (位能與場)

 授課教師: 蔡秀芬 教授  
  01.em98_Differeutial Calculus  
  05.em98_Integral calculus  
  06.em98_Seconcl derivatives  
  07.em98_Divergen theorem  
  08.em98_Integral calculus  
  09.em98_009_Divergen theorem-02  
  10.em98_Orthogonal curvilinear coordlinates  
  11.em98_Relation among the fundamental theorems  
  13.em98_Orthogonal complement coordlinates  
  14.em98_The dirac delta function-01  
  15.em98_The dirac delta function-02  
  16.em98_The theory of vector flelds  
  17.em98_The three dimensionaldelta function  
  18.em98_The Helmholtz theorem  
  19.em98_Chop2 static electric field  
  20.em98_The electric field intensity due to q  
  21.em98_Causs's and application  
  22.em98_Electric dipole  
  23.em98_Electric potential-01  
  24.em98_Electric potential-02  
  25.em98_Conductors in a static electric field  
  28.em98_Boundary condition for electrostatic fields  
  29.em98_Capacitors and capacitance  
  30.em98_Electrostatic shielding  
  31.em98_Solution of electrostatic poblems  
  32.em98_Method of images-01  
  33.em98_Method of images-02  
  34.em98_Boundary-value problems in cantesion coordinates-01  
  35.em98_Boundary-value problems in cantesion coordinates-02  
  36.em98_Boundary-value problems in cylindrical coordinates  
  37.em98_Charged sphere and grounded plane  
  38.em98_Point change and conducting sphere  
  39.em98_Spherical coordinates  
  40.em98_Legendre polynomials  
  41.em98_Steady electric currents-01    
  42.em98_Steady electric currents-02    
  43.em98_Electromotive force and Kirchhoff's vollage law    
  44.em98_Equation of continuity    
  45.em98_Power dissipation and Joule's laws    
  46.em98_Resistance calculation      
  47.em98_Static magnetic field-01      
  48.em98_Static magnetic field-02      
  49.em98_Biot savart law    
  50.em98_Dielectrics in static electric field    
  51.em98_Magnetic dipole&magnetization    
  52.em98_Magnetization and equivalent current deusities    
  53.em98_Magnetic fields intensity and relative permeability    
  54.em98_Magnetization and equivalent current density    
  55.em98_behavior of magnetic materials    
  56.em98_B.C.for magnetic field-01    
  57.em98_B.C.for magnetic field-02    
  58.em98_B.C.for magnetic field-03    
  59.em98_B.C.for magnetic field-04      
  60.em98_Coaxial transmission line    
  61.em98_Magnetic energy-01      
  62.em98_Magnetic energy-02      
  63.em98_Maguetic forces and forgues-01      
  64.em98_Maguetic forces and forgues-02      
  65.em98_Maguetic forces and forgues-03    
  66.em98_Forces and forgues in terms of stored magnetic energy    
  67.em98_Time-varying fields    
  69.em98_Eddy current-01    
  70.em98_Eddy current-02    
  71.em98_Eddy current-03    
  72.em98_Integral form of Maxwell's equations-01    
  73.em98_Integral form of Maxwell's equations-02    
  74.em98_Integral form of Maxwell's equations-03    
  75.em98_The wave equation for vector potential    
  76.em98_Solutions of wave equations for potentials    
  78.em98_Time-harmonic electromagnetic    
  79.em98_Source-free.fields in simple medium    
  80.em98_Simple nonconducting source-free medium    
  81.em98_Plane EM waves-01    
  82.em98_Plane EM waves-02    
  83.em98_Plane wave in lossy medium-01    
  84.em98_Plane wave in lossy medium-02    
  85.em98_Lonized gas-01    
  86.em98_Lonized gas-02    
  87.em98_Flow of EM power and the poynting vector    
  88.em98_088_Instantaneous and average power deusities    
  89.em98_Normal incidence at plane dielectric boundary-01    
  90.em98_Normal incidence at plane dielectric boundary-02    
  91.em98_Obligue incidence at a plane dielectric boundary-01    
  92.em98_Obligue incidence at a plane dielectric boundary-02    
  93.em98_Obligue incidence at a plane dielectric boundary-03    
  94.em98_Theory and application-01    
  95.em98_Theory and application-02    
  96.em98_Theory and application-03    
  97.em98_Microstrip lines-01    
  98.em98_Microstrip lines-02    
  99.em98_Transmission line parameters    


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